Video Editing

It’s all about power & memory when it comes to editing videos.  And as the quality of video increases, so does the need for the fastest powered processors for video production.


It’s all about the presentation . . . make sure yours goes off without a hitch with top-of-the-line technology set up exactly to your specifications creating a professional audience experience.

24 Hour Office Setup

When quick turnaround and technology is what you need to set up a temporary office, writers’ room, or production office space – we have you covered…in 24 hours if you need it.

Event Connectivity

Time is Money so getting your team connected and being on a unified platform to coordinate your event efficiently and effectively without personal or technology distractions.

Design and Graphics

When your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the newest technology to land that job – rent the most powerful Apple Technology on the market and take it for a test drive    so you can win that pitch.

Gaming/Virtual Reality

Whether it’s at an experiential Marketing event or Tradeshow Display, VR and Gaming Laptops and Desk Top Computers are a rental necessity for the coolest show on the block.

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